Welcome to Fraser Coast Regional Council's PD Online

PD Online provides the user with 24 hour access to planning and development information including:

Property enquiry

Provides planning information about the property, including:

  • Property description details
  • Site area
  • Zone
  • Overlays
  • Applications
  • Property map

Application enquiry

Allows you to view and monitor the progress of a development application from lodgement to decision (with the exception of plumbing and drainage and building applications). You can search applications submitted and decided by the application number, the week, the month or the year.

You are able to:

  • See the application details
  • The stage or the decision
  • The development type
  • Property details
  • Event stage
  • The assessing officer
  • Application documents
  • Email direct to the assessing officer

Online Mapping

Provides an interactive mapping tool for residents and consultants to use, it can assist in identifying property and address information which is required when using the Property Enquiry, including:

  • Property street address
  • Real property description (Lot and Plan)

Land Use enquiry

The Land Use enquiry allows you to determine if specific land uses on your property need planning approval, it will indicate the level of assessment and, if the determined level of assessment is "Code", it identifies the parts of the planning scheme you will need to address.


The ePlan is a searchable and up-to-date electronic version of the planning scheme that will allow you to:

  • View the entire planning scheme online and policies anytime and anywhere, as long as you have internet connection to your computer (the full functionality of PD Online may not be available or compatible on some tablet format devices);
  • Search the entire planning scheme based on any word;
  • View zone, overlay, and local plan maps for a selected locality or across the region;
  • View planning scheme amendment
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