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Show MCU-151039 31/08/2015 495 DOOLONG SOUTH ROAD, NIKENBAH
Impact Assessment - Material Change of Use - S242 - Preliminary Approval to vary the effect of a Local Planning Instrument to allow Rural Residential Development and Reconfiguring a Lot - Two (2) Lots into Thirteen (13)
Material Change Of Use - Impact - Community Use Aviation Museum
Show MCU19/0088 13/09/2019 645 ESPLANADE, HERVEY BAY
Material Change Of Use - Minor Change to Approval - Generally in Accordance
Show MCU19/0097 30/09/2019 135-139 KINGFISHER PARADE, TOOGOOM
Minor Change to Approval - Material Change Of Use - Extension to Currency Period
Show MCU18/0100.01 18/09/2019 12 HONITON STREET, TORQUAY
Minor Change to Approval - Material Change Of Use - Dwellings (9) and Reconfiguring a Lot - 3 lots into 10 lots
Show MCU18/0074.01 6/09/2019 31 WALKERS ROAD, URANGAN
Minor Change to Approval - Change to include non-compliant Domestic Outbuilding outside of Building Location Envelope approved under Development Permit MCU18/0074 - Material Change Of Use - Dwelling house
Show MCU17/0028.02 18/09/2019 58-60 TORQUAY ROAD, PIALBA
Material Change Of Use - Minor Change to Approval - Change to Development Approval
Show MCU19/0071 26/07/2019 87 OLD COACH ROAD, TORBANLEA
Other Change - Development Permit - Material Change of Use - Outdoor Sales Premises (Retail Plant Nursery) and Restaurant, Garden centre and Intensive horticulture
Show MCU19/0031 5/04/2019 3705 BRUCE HIGHWAY, KANIGAN
Material Change Of Use - Service Station
Show MCU19/0067 1/07/2019 DOOLONG ROAD, KAWUNGAN
Minor Change to Approval - Extension to Currency Period
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